Country: The Queendom of Akitorus

Capital City: Caconus

Colours: Red/Gold

Animal: Owl

Motto: ‘Live for Life Alone’

Food Staples: Akitorus (formerly Alkitorius) has perhaps the widest and most innovative range of food to be found in any of the countries. Not only does Akitorus soil produce brilliant crops but it is strategically located next to the coast, resulting in easy and regular access to both land-based and sea-based food. Akitorians, unlike their rivals – the people of Natsutoro – are not simple herbivores. In fact, many have referred to them as ‘any-vore’ as they seem to have no limits as to what they eat (or how much). Fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, squid and shell fish, the wide variety of food to be had in Akitorus makes it a delight to visit for people from other countries. The fact that the people of this country, who seem to eat with little restraint, are not all overweight, may be due to their constant vigorous activities.

Clothes: The clothing of Akitorus is a menagerie of different styles and purposes. However, the one thing is, it is never dull. With bright flowing colours, the outfits tend to be light and airy with an eye on practicality and movement. It is also common practice to ensure the outfits flatter and complement the figure. This often means – for some folks – wearing just enough to allow for basic modesty. Fashionable, light, freedom of movement and attractiveness are all important elements of clothing. Be loud, but never boring. Also, people from certain areas of Akitorus will dress in certain common styles to deliberately show where they are from, with pride.

Cultural Diversity: Naturally every country has it’s own provinces and it’s own provincial and even township diversities. Kinfolk from the Eastern part of Haruvista will naturally have different habits and customs from the people from the West. However, no country has the vast variety of different types of people than Akitorus.

It may be that the free spirited nature of the country has caused the development of such a vast diversity of people. For while some people in the country can be seen as common as in other lands, such as farmers and nobles…other peoples here are not so easily found in other lands.

There are travelling bands of entertainers and performers whose lives are made or lost based on the performance they give at each and every stop. To them…the old traditions stay and the age old ways are handed down from parent to child. This includes all magic tricks, daring acts of impossible nature of simple songs to steal your heart. These ‘gypsies’ never dare enter the hallowed halls of a major podium and never try to gain rituals for only themselves. Theirs is a community of oneness…where all money and fame (as well as applause) is shared among them all. These people are born on the round in a bouncy cart and die the same, their old frames nestled between the children and grandchildren who will carry on their trades.

There are the soldiers and farmers of the water. These brave men and women have also learned a life of exclusion – a life devoted to the Great Deeps. Unlike what some people envision as pirates vs Governor’s ships, the story here is completely different. Fishermen of the sea and sea-faring guardsmen/women work together to brave the seas for weeks, sometimes months at a time, living a life of adventure on the Great Deep rather than on land. While many fear the Great Deeps, these men and women do not. For them, the Great Deep is their home and their souls. They do respect the Great Deep, but while many of them will draw their final breathes upon the waves, it is a respect of child fielty rather than that of fear or dread. The sea food and ornaments and tales they bring back with them cause even the royal family to come meet them at the docks, for theirs are the tales of adventure and mystery.

If the above were the master warriors of the seas, the master warriors of the land are the Barbarians of Akitorus. While all the other countries fear these tribes (And rightfully so), the image of them as mindless savages or marauders is simply not true. The barbarians of Akitorus live for fighting..and that is all, but only in a way to test themselves. Just as often as they will start a quarrel with a foe (or friend, if there are no foes to be had), they will just as willingly embark on an adventure that promises riches, fame and battle. The adage goes ‘To still a Barbarian attacking you, challenge her to an impossible and life-threatening quest. And then hope she doesn’t come back afterwards.’ Barbarians can be born into the travelling groups and settlements, but others also join – tired of life in the cities or on the farms and wishing to let off their energy and drive. While they are quick to fight, they are just as quick to forgive, particularly other Akitorians. Should you survive a fight with one, you will likely find yourself with a good mate for life. However, woe be to those that find themselves labelled as ‘true foes’ by these tribes, for they will not rest until you and your allies are dead.

There are many more types, such as the trading caravans of wild and wonder, however, time and space does prevent one from going into each and every group. Suffice to say, after spend a small amount of time in Akitoria, the other lands soon become dull and savage, and there are more than a few visitors from Haruvista and Natsutoro who came to these lands only to find their hearts swept away by what they saw.


In many ways, Akitorus is the complete opposite of the other two Free Kingdoms.

Akitorus is the largest in land mass, wildest and most unpredictable country (while there are rumours that Fuyuura is even larger but no one has any way of confirming this to this date.)

Other Countries’ Views on Akitorus

Natsutoro: “They understand the concept of proper governance and survival through one heart, but their society seems to enjoy falling deeper and deeper into anarchy and disorder. They make their impending ‘cleansing’ far too easy for us.”

Haruvista: “Hedonistic, violent, barbarious brutes – those are their best traits. Take the most indisciplined, drunken and lecherous solider and you can see a typical Akitorian.”

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