Country: The Democratic Queendom of Haruvista

Capital City: Redback

Colours: Green/Brown

Animal: Phoenix

Motto: ‘Any Queen need answer to only one voice, her people’s’

Food Staples: Haruvista is very fond of grains-based food, as well as some vegetables (tomatoes and greens are quite popular) and various types of meat, such as beef, chicken and lamb. Still around, but not as common, is fish and other seafood, which is imported from the neighbouring company of Akitorus.—

Clothes: The clothing of Haruvista tends to be varied and yet conservative. Not unlike the clothing of Medieval England, Haruvista prefers presentable mixed with practical…


It is said that over 800 years ago, Haruvista was four seperate Queendom’s. However, due to problems with their neighbours, these allied countries chose to form one large country in order to stand more strongly against invasion. Since that time, the government of Haruvista has remained pseudo democractic for many years.

At the time of the union, the country of Haruvista had to decide which of the four royal families would rule. In order to maintain peace and fairness for the Queendoms, they first decided to do a rotating session of 7 year terms (which was considered an auspicious number to the people at that time). After 7 years, the ruling family was then switched to the next inline. However, as the centuries rolled on, certain families acted in rash and brutish ways. The people themeslves rebelled, and came up with a demand, requesting that the people have the right to vote for the most suitable ruling family every 7 years. This practice remains today.

Unlike the other two countries, the original founders of Haruvista had left their people with an impressive gift – the Crystal of Purity. The Crystal of Purity has been in the Queendom’s capital since the initial union. It’s light…when the noon sun strikes it, will shine on one chosen girl (usually a female between 16 – 24, though exceptions on age have been known) for each family. These females will be among the other females of the family, standing amongst the common people who fill the Royal Capital square on the auspicious day. Once the candidates for each of the Royal families is known, the people are then allowed to enter the castle to vote for their choice of royal family. The chosen candidate for the winning family becomes the new Queen and her relatives and family allies become her advisors. This system has worked well for many years.

Over 50 years ago, however, a series of tragedies struck one of the most beloved families of the four, the Balista family. This series of terrible events included family members being kidnapped / murdered and then a plague pretty much killing all remaining members of the family. Since those dark times, the other three families took turns ruling. One family, Waldareen, due to a series of scandals, lost far much support to be elected over the last 50 years. That left the remaining two families to rule. However, the people have found over the last half a century that Arbingdale and Kellani have handled things badly, particularly in regards to their closed door policy with the other two countries. (Traditionally, Haruvista had always enjoyed the reputation of being the sensible and peacekeeping one of the three sister countries.)

Last election, not even a year ago, the day of choosing came. It was on that day that the people learned to their shock that one Balista remained. The people weary of the other three families, elected Queen Violet in with a very sizable majority vote.

Queen Violet has been struggling since to prove herself as capable, despite being ‘The Pauper Queen’. And so far, she seems to be making her way into proving herself, even making allies with the other four families.


Always seen as the fair and amicable dispute settler of the three countries, it seemed Haruvista’s best days were behind them, their bickering royal families keeping them from their true goal of keeping peace between all the countries. But now…it seems those days are back, with this new ‘Pauper Queen’.

The people of Haruvista consider themselves just fair and humane. They are the Paladins of the three countries, compared to the Communistic land of Natsutoro and the Hedonistic and Warloving Akitorus. People of the country are proud of their land and even prouder of their new regent, so far.

Other Countries’ Views on Haruvista

Natsutoro: “We learned the hardway – the arguing, whining, scrabblings of selfish small parties only gives discord. One true leader must be had to provide peace. Leaders are NOT appointed by magic shimmering balls of light. How long before you tire of this newest shiny idol and move to your new one?”

Akitorus: “They run back and forth pretending to show us all the way to a ‘civilised’ world while even they don’t know ‘what’ they are or who’s gonna run them next year. They then steal ideas and traditions from other countries and want US to laud them for it. Let me ask, do you all vote before you take a crap?”

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