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Daggers of Florina

Floras is a world of fantasy, romance, danger, wars and political intrigue. Consisting of four matriarchal countries, each country has maintained its own personal sense of identity and beliefs. For years, they managed to co-exist peacefully (for the most part), with the nobles of Haruvista acting as an intermediary between the two other more aggressive countries – Natsutoro and Akitorus.

However things have begun to change. The Suffocating Darkness is spreading to more of the lands, and resources are beginning to become more scarce, resulting in infighting between the countries. Furthermore the dead have begun to walk the land again and death swoops down on unsuspecting humans from above. The cause is not quite determined, though some whisper of the people from the isolated land to the North, Fuyuura. Is this the truth? Or is it just ignorance combined with paranoia?

Although for the last 50 years, Haruvista had remained out of sight and mind, mainly due to the resource problem, their newest Elected Queen, a member of the long lost Balista family, has vowed to learn the cause of the winter spread, stop the attacks and restore peace to all the lands. However, if she can remains to be seen. Can Queen Violet bring peace to Haruvista and Florus? Will she last to see a second term as Queen…. And what of her prophetic dreams of a sad crying girl in the snow?

The Countries of Florina

There are four countries within the land of Florina. There is the serious yet methodic and wise people of Natsutoro, the kind and brave citizens Haruvista and the fun AND war loving sea-skulkers, artisans and barbarians of Akitorus.

Finally, a name only whispered – and even then – only at the worst of times, is the mysterious and forsaken Northlands known as Fuyuura. The other three countries fear this barren landscape and see it – and its silent but powerful people – as the product of the spreading Suffucating Darkness. But, how much do the others REALLY know about this land…and will what they don’t know come back to hurt them?

The Rulers

The land of Florina is – and always has been since recorded history – a Matriarchal series of countries. Although men can and often due serve in high positions – particularly advisors – the top most position has always been assigned to a woman. This is no mere ‘puppet’ position, as the ‘Queens’ who rule are not given to serving, but to rule, some with divine permission, some by the will of the people, and others by the iron grip of strength.

Whatever it is, when looking at the country’s rulers, one must never forget that the Queen is more than just the newest one chosen to sit on the throne, but a strong leader who sets the future for her people.

The present regents for the countries are as follows:

  • Queen Violet – Queen of the Democratic Queendom of Haruvista
  • Princess Iris – ‘Dragon Princess’ of the People’s Principality of Natsutoro
  • Queen Lily – Queen of the Queendom of Akitorus
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