Country: The People’s Principality of Natsutoro

Capital City: The Eye

Colours: Blue/Orange

Animal: Hawk

Motto: Old ‘The Rule of the Just’
New ‘One Princess, One Voice, One World’

Food Staples: Natsutoro’s food is composed primarily of grains and vegetables, with very little meat / poultry included. This is not to say animals are not prevalent, but their use is either for labour or for secondary production such as dairy products, eggs, etc. Also some animals are naturally used for clothing. Seafood is very rare to non-existent. Some rangers and the likes have taken to eating more birds from the skies. However, part of this is to avoid wastage as the often need to kill these animals while training for anti-aerial combat.

Clothes: The clothing of Natsutoro has – like many other facets of the country…changed over the last few years. Nowadays, the clothing is very standardized. Peasantry wear standard peasantry clothing with limited accessories and colours. This includes standard shirts/tunics and pants for the men, and simple one piece dresses for the ladies. The noble/richer elements are afforded a bit more leniency in this, but never to the point of excessive. The people in her military wear the standard uniforms indicating rank and division, but these outfits are not striking because of their fanciness or colourfulness, rather it is the fact that all people in her office maintain crisp sharp uniforms at all times. The only one who dresses elegantly and fancy at all, is the Princess herself, and she has shown to only wear this at special ceremonies, preferring humble outfits during the working day as well.


It is believed that, once upon a time, Natsutoro was a Queendom as well, with inherited titles. However, at some point in the far past, the system changed to democracy, where the chosen lead female of the party with the highest number votes in an election would be Queen for a set period of years.

While at first it seemed Natsutoro was an elightened Queendom for this policy (with Haruvista slightly copying their idea a scant 200 years later), eventually, this system showed how bad the democratic system could be if it went too far.

As of 6 years ago, the government was shown to be consisting of over 50 different political factions, all trying to run the country their way. With all these people representing small niche groups, there was never a majority government and people were simply vying for control and power.

For this reason, most of them were paying very little attention when the attacks from the skies began. As the people – both commoners and nobility – began to die from these sky-bourne marauders, the government stayed focused on winning small concessions…never seeing the suffering around them. Needless to say, nothing got done, and the coming of the new dangers were never dealt with at all. The small people suffered as the different factions vied to simply veto the other parties’ moves, at any cost.

The Rise of the Dragon

While it is covered in more detail in her info page, the major tsunami of change happened when Princess Iris came into the picture. When her family died around her, and no action was taken, people believe something in the girl snapped.

After the death of her parents due to a swooping darkness attack, Iris decided to end the political stalemates at all costs. She formed a party called the “Dragon Sun”, and entered the mad political race, with the vow to fix the country, and to do the unthinkable – take it from the poorest and weakest country of the three to the most powerful and richest. She proselitized her party much like a religion, making heart felt vows and shaking the common folk to a new level of frenzy. Secretly she also made promises to all of the current other parties in return for their support – promises she likely never intended to keep.

Her election, even more than the heralded Queen Violet‘s voting in, was nearly unanimous…but many powerful people quickly found their hopes and dreams dashed. Iris had her herself named the ’Dragon Princess’, rather than Queen. She ruthless took control of the country over night. She squashed all rivals and nay sayers…turning the country into a Dictatorship. Her soldiers swept through the country much as the Huns of Earth did or the armies of the first Emperor of China.


However, with that said, she kept her promise to the common people. Natsutoro is now feared (and hated) by the two neighbouring countries of Haruvista and Akitorus, and yet despite this, it is now experiencing an economic revival never felt in remembered history. The roads are fixed, much-needed laws were passed, bandits, pirates and creatures of the swooping darkness were wiped out. The common people – who had suffered for generations – felt that even though this was oppression, at least it was enlightened and progressive opression.

The country is now considered an iron state…Much Like Stalin or Ivan the Terrible ran their countries, she is the absolute final authority. The former people of power hate her and fear her. The common people fear her but laud her. And no one dares to openly question her…yet.

Other Countries’ Views on Haruvista

Haruvista: “How sad, Sure they have money now, but at the price of freedom. Does this ‘Princess’ represent anyone else’s cause but her own?”

Akitorus: “We have strong leaders too but we’re not her shit paper.”

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