Queen Violet


Queen Violet I is the current Queen of the Democratic Queendom of Haruvista. She is famous both for being a member of the long believed extinct royal family of Balista and for her great kindness and generosity, both to the common people and the other royal families. The other three families currently have key members of their own families still involved in a great deal of the decision making and planning for the Queendom, something not known for many years, despite the fact that it was likely what the founders of Haruvista likely wanted.


Queen Violet is of average height and build. Nothing of her body or features seem to be of any considerable note, and though while she is certainly pretty enough, one could not call her ‘ravishingly beautiful’. Rather her’s is a quiet reserved daughter-like beauty. She has a slightly chubby face with sparkling blue eyes, all of which is surrounded by a head of long flowing auburn hair. It flows all the way down below her feet. The top of her head is decorated often by the small diamond tiara crown of the Kingdom. This is accompanied by scattered small white feathers – something she had worn in her hair since childhood and cannot escape the habit of.

While Queen Violet naturally has many outfits, they are all lovely flowing robes, often of the Kingdom’s colours – green and brown. She enjoys knee high boots of white and purple, with gold trim, and often incorporates these into her outfits, with some minor adjustments.


Queen Violet is a young peasant girl. By that, it means that she maintains the kindness, meekness and humbleness of a young girl who worked in her parents’ shops to help out. She is much the same as before. It is this kindness which shines through as she listens to every single person she can in her court, and her desire to listen to the other royal families at all times. However, one must note that her one conviction is this: Peace. Ironically, those who speak of conflict and/or cutting others off for short term gains, while finds themselves shut off. Her ladyship desires peace above all, and will broker no war mongers.

Relationship Status

Her Ladyship shows no interest in anyone yet. Even before her ‘exaltation’, she had no love who flamed her heart, and that has yet to change so far.


Queen Edsel

The last known Queen of the Balista family, before their terrible loss, was Queen Edsel Balista III. Her reign was a sadly short one and one full of sadness and woe. Her eldest daughter was kidnapped by thieves and held for ransom, and never returned. Furthermore, the red throat plague killed off the remainder of her children and then her husband. One by one, she saw her family dying. Finally succumbing to the red throat plague too, her final words were recorded as ‘Maybe…at least one flower remains…’ Whether this was a hallucination of a dying woman or even a misreport based on a person’s wishful thinking, these final words were reported long before the arrival of Violet to the Royal throne.

The Queen was lay to rest with her family…and a country mourned the loss of one whole family. Queen Edsel III had been a sad and lonely Queen, but a fair one to all. Her death is believed to have played a major part in the beginning of Haruvista’s falling into a status of non-external interference. Haruvista soon began to pay less and less attention to what happened around them, and concerned themselves with only protecting themselves, letting the other countries do as they pleased.


Meanwhile, it is believed that Violet’s grandmother, Princess Lavania, somehow survived an attack of grinning skulls. However, it is also ‘believed’ the attack gave her amnesia. If this is not the case, it is unknown why she did not state her royal nature, the failing to do so which – ironically – saved her life. As she is not alive today, we are unable to know why. Her daughter, Celeste’, claims she never heard her mother mention her royal background and she never pretended to be anything more than a simple working woman.

Either way, Lavania was smart enough to make her way to the soup kitchens of Haruvista, where she first took refuge and solace for her loneliness (and perhaps amnesia), and then began to work there. At first, merely as a serving girl and fetcher, than to a wash and then a cook. Lavania became a daughter to all who ran the soup kitchen, but it is highly doubtful anyone saw her as anything but another lost child.

Lavania became a woman devoted to helping others. Whilst she did devote her life to the same soup kitchen that took her in, she also helped others in the poorer areas, doing what she could to make life better for them. She would eventually marry a young stable boy and have four children by him, the youngest daughter of whom was named Celeste’. No one remembers if she ever acted any differently than the others when she heard of the death of the Balista family, but she never stepped up to the claim the throne. Again, we may never know. Princess Lavania died in her sleep 10 years ago, believed to have succumbed to a bad case of pneumonia.


Celeste’ was a bright young girl. More giving to sewing and seam-stressing than her mother had been, Celeste’ followed her childhood dream to work in a seamstress shop. Her parents saved money to buy her materials to practice when they could and then purchased her a indenture at a local seamstress shop. By all accounts, the runners of the shop were pleased with the hard working girl and all though she was worked quite hard by them, they ensured that she was given enough compensation to earn a modest keep.

She claims to have met a young man, Balkaran outside a tavern that she’d been asked to return a torn cloak to. The young man, a singer and dancer with a travelling show, fell for her, and that night, the two created their first child and only daughter, Violet. After their indiscretion of the first night, they were more careful, but it soon because apparent to Celeste’ that she had merely locked the gates after the horses had fled the stable. She was pregnant.

Surprisingly Balkaran stayed and wed her. They took up a modest cabin in the merchant area, where he made and sold musical instruments. In between raising her daughter and son, Celeste’ continued to work at the Seamstress shop.

Today, the seamstress shop has become famous – despite the fact that Celeste’ has now naturally retired. Rumour has it though that some dresses still bear her stitchings there, perhaps leading to the fact that Violet’s mother is still unable to stop her trade. Balkaran has since sold his shop to his apprentice – and now an instrument made by the man is considered a rare and expensive treasure. They both live in a modest cabin near the foot of the Castle, preferring it to the heights of the tall manor.

Birth and Childhood of Commoner Queen Violet

Queen Violet was born to the newly wedded couple and her smile as a baby was considered something to behold. Almost all who knew the Queen as she grew up say the same thing…. A mild, quiet but compassionate young girl. It is agreed that, unlike her mother and grandmother, she never showed any passion for any trade. Preferring to help her parents in any mundane task they wished. She also was known to visit the soup kitchen that her grandmother loved from time to time, lending her hand as and when she could.

Her life was nothing extraordinary, however, her raising was good for her parent’s income level. In respect to her mother sacrificing for her education, Celeste’ made sure she saved for her daughter’s education. Whilst it is true she was not trained for a particular trade, she was given sufficient worldly knowledge in reading, writing, numbers, history and worldly sense. It is perhaps this choice which has most helped the girl, further beyond than either of her parents could have forseen.

Queen Violet’s Ascension and Coronation

Whilst the preceeding was filled with mainly conjecture, the ascension of the Queen is not.

At the most recent ceremony , the female members of the three remaining royal families took their place standing amongst the common people. Violet, who had always found the description of this service beautiful, stood in the crowd to watch.

As the Crystal of Purity- poured out its light to the three contenders…shock filled the crowed as a 4th beam hit another girl, for the first time in over 50 years It was with great shock for all to see the fourth ray shine directly on a young girl from a peasant family, young Violet. The Balista Sages soon discerned by scrying that she was, in fact, a descendant of a lost survivor of the Balista family

The people weary of the three families, elected the Balista Queen in large numbers. The shock girl was seen in tears during the whole process at first confused, then concerned she was being mocked, than just surprised by it all again.

Whilst, her rule has not been long yet, so far our Queen has worked quite hard to assemble a team to help advise her. She brought in the few surviving elders who remembered her family’s ways and then shockingly appointed some of the other families’ advisers to help her. Finally some of the common elders were assigned posts too. Some find this heretical, some find it a God Send, while some wiser ones simply say… Spring has come…and with it, a new change, a new wind….and a new mother of the people.

Her rule…has yet to be completed…but we the people are certain, it will be something to be remembered.

Queen’s Voice

Baron Nelvin Arbingdale, an old general and former leader of Arbingdale’s forces. He is an old veteran of peace keeping missions and protecting the borders of Haruvista. While he was always a staunch defender of the Arbingdale’s claim to rule, his advisory of the Queen has shown itself to be less biased and more broader and holistic in focus, hence the possible reason for his appointment as the Queen’s Voice. It is apparent that she heeds his advice well, while he also listens to her own desires with quiet countenance and respect as well. How much of this is reality and how much is public facade has yet to be seen.

The Queen’s Policies so Far

Below is a short list of some of the policies put in place by the young Queen.

Return of the Open-arms Foreign policy – Queen Violet has expressed great desire to renew positive and warm relations with the other two countries. While so far, this seems to have met with mockery (Akitorus) or complete silence (Natsutoro), the Queen has not given up and continues to offer her hand of friendship.

Mandatory Public Schooling – Taking a cue from Natsutoro, perhaps, or maybe just from lessons learned from her own childhood, Queen Violet has continued to push for schools to be made available and all children, regardless of class, should be sent to a local school to learn appropriate life skills. Naturally, this has met with varied success in certain areas of the peasant quarters, however, the Queen seems unperturbed by this, constantly persuaded parents to persuade their children to seize the day.

Public / Royal Communication – Queen Violet has begun the dispersal of regular (Weekly) bulletins which inform the population of what her government is planning and/or has done recently. Furthermore, a position was created in her council specially to receive from various quarters of the population requests, complaints and pleas for the Queen’s people to consider. How much of these are acted on, but it is known that some have certainly been handled with great care and thought.

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Queen Violet

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